About CAST Locations

Since 1980 CAST LOCATIONS has been providing great film locations at affordable rates to a variety of industry professionals. Working with all the major film studios, television studios, commercial and video companies and still photographers, CAST has developed a strong working relationship with a broad base of clients. We are a family run business with a dedication to fair, honest and professional work ethics.

Featuring a wide range of locations, many of them exclusive listings, CAST has just about any kind of property you could imagine. Our selection of private homes of all types and sizes is unparalleled. We also have commercial properties ranging from The San Fernando Mission, to a variety of apartment buildings and lofts, to restaurants, hotels, stores, and much more.

Let CAST help you find your location

CAST LOCATIONS makes finding your location as easy as can be. Just give us a description of what you are looking for and we'll select from our files the best locations to suit your needs.

All of our properties are photographed in color and feature a panoramic/multi-image format that is the film industry standard. They are individually bound in report covers, making it easy to flip though the properties one by one. The files can be borrowed for up to seven days at no charge. In addition, you can now view properties on line. Call our office with your specific needs and we will tell you which properties online meet your requirements.

CAST LOCATIONS will set up appointments for any properties you wish to view in person. Once you decide on the location you want, we negotiate a fair price. Our location contracts are specific in addressing the needs of producers as well as homeowners. Our on site location representatives are well trained and work tirelessly to make all our shoots run as smoothly as possible.

CAST LOCATIONS receives a commission from the property owner for booking and supervising the shoot. If you don't find what you are looking for, there's no cost to you.

Be assured, when you use a location through CAST LOCATIONS, things go well. We are a fast, free, professional service that makes filming in Los Angeles easier than you'd believe!

About The Location Industry

Have you ever wondered where they filmed your favorite TV show? Or whether they actually took the entire cast of your favorite movie all the way to Italy just to shoot that one scene? You might be surprised to know that all kinds of TV, commercial and movie filming happens in regular neighborhood homes just like your own. These local properties often double for much more exotic locations overseas, with just a little help from some creative art directors. In fact, an entire industry exists just to provide these locations to filmmakers.

The location industry consists of location managers, scouts, services and site representatives. These professionals all have different responsibilities, and work together to help make filming on location smooth, fun and successful.

Location Managers

Possibly the most underrated member of any production crew, the location manager is saddled with the responsibility of securing all film locations. This includes finding the location (at times with the help of a location service or scout), acquiring the proper permits, coming to terms with property owners and making sure the shoot runs smoothly. The location manager must make sure that parking and access are adequate, that neighborhood rules are followed and film site neighbors are well informed of the specifics of the shoot. Trying to maintain a quality look that satisfies the director, keeping on budget to satisfy the producer, and maintaining a good relationship with everyone in the environment in which a production films - the location manager has his hands full.

Location Scouts

When directors are searching for that perfect location, they often call in a location scout. Good scouts have to know their way around town like the back of their hand. They often have a set of previously scouted locations which they can draw on, but they also spend lots of time in their cars scouring Southern California for unique, interesting spots. Some may even have knocked on your door and asked to take pictures.

Location Services

In the early 1980's, location services came onto the scene. At that time, there were only two location services: CAST LOCATIONS and LOCATION ENTERPRISES. In the years that followed a growing need for locations and the success of it's pioneers paved the way for additional companies. Location services act as agents for homes and other properties, making it easier for owners seeking filming to offer their properties to production companies looking for locations. In exchange, the location service receives a percentage of the location fee as a commission.

A location service will normally photograph a property and keep those photographs in a book which can be checked out of their location library by production companies. Some services charge a fee to owners to sign up their properties, while others offer free sign-up. The location service will then act as agent for the property, negotiating fees, filming arrangements and other details which homeowners previously had to handle on their own. As you might imagine, this has made the experience of hosting a film production much simpler for the average homeowner. In addition, the location service normally provides a "location site representative" from their company, who acts as a liaison between the homeowner and the production company, helping to smooth out any difficulties that may arise during the production.

Location Site Representatives

When you agree to have a production company use your home, you might feel a little intimidated by the more experienced crew who seems to have taken over your house. Most people don't know enough about the film production experience to understand exactly what is acceptable use of their home and what is not. That's where the site representative comes in. Provided by the location service, this is a person who has been specially trained in the ins and outs of location filming, and who will make sure that everything goes smoothly. The site rep will keep you informed of exactly what is going on, and will help the production company make the best use of your home.